Practical Product Management

Materials and trainings that you can put into practice right away. If you are tired of learning theory that you struggle to apply, you've found the right place.

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There was an immediate difference after the workshop series - every single person felt like they “owned” our product and its success. Plus, we had tools to get there.

CTO, Tech company


For businesses that want to learn from Product Thinking to Product Teams.

Mission + Vision

If you want to achieve big things you need to be sure your team is headed in the same direction.

Strategy in Practice

Methods to create a focused strategy that provides alignment and takes you closer to your vision.

Teaming for Success

Great outcomes start with a strong team foundation. Learn tactics to enhance your collaboration, communication and decision making.

Yes, No, Not Yet

An in depth workshop on prioritization methods and when to use what.

Know Your Customer

Methods and tactics to make sure you know your customer and their needs.

Testing & Validation

Learn hands on tactics for incremental investments. Basically Lean Startup in practice.

Custom workshop

Don't see what you are looking for? We will work with your team to assess needs and design just for you.

Our Process


We start our journey together by getting to know your team and organization. We ask you a bunch of questions to understand your current situation and your most pressing problems.


Here is where we gather and assess all the answers to our questions from key people in your organization. Based on all the information we design a customized workshop package for your needs.


This is when we mean in one or several workshop sessions with the key people or the whole team ofyour organization. Our workshops are a mix of theory, real life examples and hands on exercises.


For us, it's very important that you are successful in applying the new learnings. We give feedback on homework that you will do and are available for Q&A and mentoring sessions after the workshop series has ended.